Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wintery days

Snow snow snow!

Sadly not enough for sledging but very nice none the less :-) I am a snow fan, probably because I don’t have to go anywhere most of the time! Tis rather parky though, ice on the insides of the windows and I am sat here typing in fingerless gloves. Makes me excited to go skiing and I really hope I might get a snowy birthday again. It snowed on my 18th and 10 years on would be nice symmetry I think.

I have been working on a special commission for a friend in the village – some embroidered purses showing Wick Church, and I am very nearly finished with them. It’s been an enjoyable project and I now know what the church really looks like! Which sounds stupid, but it’s really covered up by trees, and you don’t really look properly until you have to, do you.

A view accross to the Malvern Hills on Sunday ~ Wick Church ~ My stand at the Farncombe Christmas Sale

I had a fairly successful show at Farncombe, and I discovered that there seems to be a market for talks and workshops, so I have to decide whether or not that’s the way to go. I am a bit unsure, as never having been to anything like that I am not sure how they work, and not really having any proper training makes me feel a bit of a fraud, but it’s an exciting possibility none the less.

My Christmas Shop is now open and there are quite a few bits and bobs left at bargainous prices! Gifts and decorations from just 99p! Click here

Happy shopping,
Sally x

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