Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wintery days

Snow snow snow!

Sadly not enough for sledging but very nice none the less :-) I am a snow fan, probably because I don’t have to go anywhere most of the time! Tis rather parky though, ice on the insides of the windows and I am sat here typing in fingerless gloves. Makes me excited to go skiing and I really hope I might get a snowy birthday again. It snowed on my 18th and 10 years on would be nice symmetry I think.

I have been working on a special commission for a friend in the village – some embroidered purses showing Wick Church, and I am very nearly finished with them. It’s been an enjoyable project and I now know what the church really looks like! Which sounds stupid, but it’s really covered up by trees, and you don’t really look properly until you have to, do you.

A view accross to the Malvern Hills on Sunday ~ Wick Church ~ My stand at the Farncombe Christmas Sale

I had a fairly successful show at Farncombe, and I discovered that there seems to be a market for talks and workshops, so I have to decide whether or not that’s the way to go. I am a bit unsure, as never having been to anything like that I am not sure how they work, and not really having any proper training makes me feel a bit of a fraud, but it’s an exciting possibility none the less.

My Christmas Shop is now open and there are quite a few bits and bobs left at bargainous prices! Gifts and decorations from just 99p! Click here

Happy shopping,
Sally x

Monday, November 15, 2010

This week in Sally World...


My apologies for not writing last week, I had a rest day on Monday, and then just never quite seemed to get around to it. I had an exciting week learning about Google Adwords and Facebook
(for which I am currently designing a new page for my other job at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co.)
Its been lots of computer work and trying to understand technical jargon – not my idea of a good time! But my work room is starting to fill up with my sewn pictures, so I need to get selling! I have been writing to magazines, and trawling the webfor nice looking shops to approach to ask if they would like to stock my work. Tedious but hopefully it’ll start to pay off soon! Once again – if you know of anywhere/anyone who might like my embroidery...do let me know!

Otherwise it’s been nice couple of weeks. We saw some rather soggy fireworks last weekend, and warmed up with a nice curry afterwards. Last Sunday was eth last Moto GP of the season and we went around to our friend’s house to watch the races. Bradley Smith won his first 125cc race of the year! Way to end the season! I’m at a bit of a loss what to do on Sundays now! This Sunday we went to Bristol, to Snow and Rock and I got my ski boots fitted properly and had some custom insoles made – which was a strange experience! We did a bit of shopping in town too –only didn’t actually buy anything. Too much choice for us country bumpkins! And then we called in to see our friends on the way home and see their new house, which although largely a building site at the moment was really nice and should be fantastic when finished!

Now its very cold and foggy today and I have finances to do, then more Facebook updates. And Mum, and are off to see Granny this afternoon. It never stops I tell you!

Comedy picture! ~ Nice picture!

Here’s a picture form Saturday night before the Pershore Tennis Club Presentation Dinner (Andy plays not me) – I struggled a bit with the tripod and timer, as you can see, so the handheld shot is all we could muster! But yes, I have had my haircut!

Sally x

Monday, November 1, 2010


So today I am having a rest day, I am pretty tired and haven’t been resting properly recently, mainly because it’s boring. But my left arm is feeling a bit weird all the time now, and so I have written today off, and have been watching Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in Long Way Round all day. Very excited about getting my own motorbike now! But I wanted to check a few things online, and thought I ought to do my blog, else it’d probably get forgotten this week.

So hello! Time seems to have flown by this last week – I have been doing a lot of sewing, I went to Broadway to scout out shops and a craft fair, we went to see Gloucester beat Tigers at Kingsholm on Saturday and to a Halloween party afterwards which was great fun. (Sorry no photos!) We also went to the Ski and Board Show at the NEC yesterday, which has gotten me in the mood for skiing! And there was a GP yesterday, which we recorded and watched ast night. Whilst eating half a box of Matchmakers – very good fun! So very much in an adventure mood today, which is a bit strange perhaps, as I have been lying down all day. Want to get on a motorcycle and explore! I signed up for a free trial session on a bike, and I am quite excting about getting on two wheels for myself. I think my eyes are up to it, and I need to try and find out about getting my driving license back too. Then it’ll be Rossi watch out! Well, maybe not!

I apologise for the lack of photos of me in Halloween costume, forgot my camera! But here is the latest autumn scene – leaves are falling now!

Have a good week,