Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 2012

Hello and a very Happy New Year!

January is always a busy month - lots to look back on and evaluate from the old year and plenty of plans to make and projects to explore in the new year - but also, I go skiing, which I love! So its a good time!

I took it pretty easy this Christmas - I didn't much fancy the usual annual process of sewing a thousand tree decorations, so I had a break and worked on some specific projects for customers - a few examples are shown below.

So for now, all I can think about is skiing (my new helmet arrived today!), but I'll be back soon with new projects and also new shops on Etsy and Folksy - should be fun :-)

Best wishes for 2012, Sally x

A commission for a wedding present

A Christmas present for a Welsh chef!
A special leaf embroidered artwork

Advent calendars

Cushions for friends