Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunshine and sausages!

We had a bbq on Sunday! It was lovely and warm in the sun, and we sat and ate sausages with our cider, outside The Shed. A very civilised way to spend an autumnal afternoon. We went sloe picking, and had a couple of lovely sunny walks too. I took some shots of the vine, outside Andy’s flat – one in the Saturday sun, and one from today’s frosty start.

I went climbing on Friday night, at the climbing wall in Evesham, and put my newly learnt knots into practice! I was quite tired and my left arm has been playing up recently, so we didn’t try very hard, but I did end on a yellow climb that I did properly and I enjoyed that very much! Then we went for curry. Yum!

Sadly this week I must concentrate on marketing and selling, which I do not enjoy, as I am sure you have picked up on by now! But I have done some new Seasonal pictures, you got that sneak peak last week...they should be online by the end of the week. My Mum liked them so much she wanted me to do one for her....take a look.

Sally x

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn leaves and Sunday roasts

Well, it looks like autumn is here to stay. No more dreams of an Indian summer. We had the first proper frost on Saturday night and we’ve had to shut all the windows in Andy’s flat. Heating is still not on though! The trees are turning, the vine is going red and, when the sun is shining, its all looking rather beautiful. It has inspired a few new embroideries...they’ll be for sale soon.

We had a pretty quite weekend at home, and I roasted my first chicken on Sunday – a bit of a shock really for a girl my age! I am a cook, although I don’t seem to do a lot of meat roasting. However it was a very good first try if I do say so myself, and we had a great big roast dinner after Andy’s tennis match. I also made a pear tart tatin, which was delicious! Yum!
There was the Australian GP on Sunday, won by Mr Interesting, Casey Stoner. I don’t think I will ever get over the disappointment of a man with the best name EVER, being quite so boring. But there was some decent racing for once. And Scott Redding came second in the Moto 2 race, which was fantastic!

So, its Monday and I’m back to sewing. I’m enjoying being back with my machine after a lot of cone making and stock taking for work last week. Speaking of which our brand new look website is now live – – check it out! :-)
Sally x

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sale now on!


I had a very exciting day of Moto GP watching yesterday! Jorge is the new champion!
And Rossi appears to be back :-)

But in other news, I have launched a huge SALE on

There is up to 50% off bags, purses, jewellery and pincushions!

Start shopping now.....

Also, I was featured in a blog this last Friday - Exciting stuff!

Sal x

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I apologise for my extended absence from the blog. It’s largely been due to having better things to do!
I have been away on holiday to Italy and North Devon, and I have updated and redesigned the website, and of course, I have been beavering away at my sewing machine.

Here is a little photo montage of the last month or so...

Stella, Jim and Dad at Great Comberton Flower Show.
My Embroidered Pictures for sale in a gift shop in Pershore.

In September I had two fantastic weeks in Italy with Andy and our friends Cheryl and Warren.
We began in Cattolica (top left) and saw the Moto GP at Rimini. We saw Tomizawa, one of Andy's favourite riders, killed in a horrible crash, right in front of us. Tomizawa had been so good to watch this year. The photo is from the pit lane walk in Barcelona. We will never forget him, and I don't think i will ever see a race in quite the same way again.
We made our pilgrimage to Rossi's home town of Tavullia - check out the great t-shirt one of his fan club was wearing.
And we got a photo with Jerry Burgess too! The bus stop was right outside their hotel!
We then travelled down to the Amalfi Coast. It was beautiful - just like everyone says! But Amalfi was a bit of a dive, and Positano was a bit too posh. We stayed in a perfect little village between the two. Lucky! We did a lot of amazing walks, thank you Warren, and dodged the rain storms. We also visited Vesuvius which was under a cloud, and Pompeii.

This weekend we have been in Croyde, on our what will become, our second annual Sun Holiday. (We always go to Polperro in the spring.) It was great surfing weather!
I promise i'll keep up to date now!
Sally x