Monday, December 20, 2010

So much snow!!

Well I got my wish for snow...!

We had a fantastic weekend sledging! There is a ton of snow here, all weekend plans got cancelled and we spent most of it on the hill at the end of the village, on the sledges having a whale of a time :-) We took over someone else’s run and perfected it into a great sliding spot, headfirst turned out to be the best method for me, although, oh my, can I feel it in my stomach muscles this morning!

The snow meant I got to see the Strictly final, but missed out on two dinners with friends and doing the Christmas food shopping. Oh well. But more is forecast for tonight...? It’s currently minus 11! Andy’s pipes have frozen and the toilet was even iced over this morning!

So little work has been done, and there is no sewing to report on whatso ever! The website will be open over the Christmas period, but I may be a bit slower in dispatching orders!

This will probably be my last blog before Christmas, so I wanted to wish you all a great time, have fun, stay warm and Merry Christmas!

A beautiful photo by my friend Ian Piper, yesterday.

Sally x x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy busy!

Just a quick one this week, as there is far too much to do! Christmas baking to get on with, a wreath to make for the door, presents to wrap oh , and I should probably do some work too!

So I will just say that there are a few things left in my Christmas Shop and the last day for placing your order is SUNDAY!

Have fun! Sally x

Monday, December 6, 2010

Exhibitions 2011

So it’s a very cold a foggy day today. The world outside the windows is all white and Narnia looking, only without the snow, or the characters, I should add. Even my fish is hiding behind his tank ornaments today. I have not been out anywhere, and don’t plan to!

I have just been sorting out my exhibition at Number 8 in Pershore for next summer, it will run from July 7th to August 17th, which seems a very long way off today! Exciting though, and great to think that I now have two exhibitions planned for next year. I must start sewing!

I am feeling far too Christmassy to think about next summer though. We did a bit of wrapping yesterday, and I put up a couple of decorations to get the festive mood going. Had to put the presents under the umbrella plant as we have no tree yet! Also watched Fred Claus on TV, and I absolutely LOVE Christmas films!

Keep warm!


Wyke Manor, where I work, in the fog on Friday.
One of my icey decorations.Only £1.49p! Buy here...