Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunshine and sausages!

We had a bbq on Sunday! It was lovely and warm in the sun, and we sat and ate sausages with our cider, outside The Shed. A very civilised way to spend an autumnal afternoon. We went sloe picking, and had a couple of lovely sunny walks too. I took some shots of the vine, outside Andy’s flat – one in the Saturday sun, and one from today’s frosty start.

I went climbing on Friday night, at the climbing wall in Evesham, and put my newly learnt knots into practice! I was quite tired and my left arm has been playing up recently, so we didn’t try very hard, but I did end on a yellow climb that I did properly and I enjoyed that very much! Then we went for curry. Yum!

Sadly this week I must concentrate on marketing and selling, which I do not enjoy, as I am sure you have picked up on by now! But I have done some new Seasonal pictures, you got that sneak peak last week...they should be online by the end of the week. My Mum liked them so much she wanted me to do one for her....take a look.

Sally x

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