Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn leaves and Sunday roasts

Well, it looks like autumn is here to stay. No more dreams of an Indian summer. We had the first proper frost on Saturday night and we’ve had to shut all the windows in Andy’s flat. Heating is still not on though! The trees are turning, the vine is going red and, when the sun is shining, its all looking rather beautiful. It has inspired a few new embroideries...they’ll be for sale soon.

We had a pretty quite weekend at home, and I roasted my first chicken on Sunday – a bit of a shock really for a girl my age! I am a cook, although I don’t seem to do a lot of meat roasting. However it was a very good first try if I do say so myself, and we had a great big roast dinner after Andy’s tennis match. I also made a pear tart tatin, which was delicious! Yum!
There was the Australian GP on Sunday, won by Mr Interesting, Casey Stoner. I don’t think I will ever get over the disappointment of a man with the best name EVER, being quite so boring. But there was some decent racing for once. And Scott Redding came second in the Moto 2 race, which was fantastic!

So, its Monday and I’m back to sewing. I’m enjoying being back with my machine after a lot of cone making and stock taking for work last week. Speaking of which our brand new look website is now live – – check it out! :-)
Sally x

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