Monday, February 21, 2011

Blossom doodlings

I am not quite sure where the time has gone since my last blog; I can’t believe it was so long ago!

February has been a great month – my friends and I have been having a Come Dine With Me competition, so there has been plenty of good food, wine and fun. I was second to cook and very glad to have it over and done with – I really enjoyed it, but spent all my time thinking about smoked fish and pistachio tuiles and how many plates I was going to need! Very distracting!

I have been doing some sewing though – I am busy preparing for my exhibition at The Fold in Bransford, Worcestershire, at the end of March. I have a ‘trees’ theme, and I did a little experimentation with blossom, but I keep getting drawn back to autumnal colours... I must concentrate on greens this week, and luscious leaves, but it was easier when the weather was bright and sunny, this dampness is less inspiring. Everything looks so dull and soggy. Our garden is full of dead plants, killed off by the snow and -20 degree conditions! The Mediterranean herbs were not happy in those temperatures.

Some blossom ideas sketched out on the sewing machine

I am also looking forward to sunnier days as I am planning a ‘Spring Sale’ and I’m hoping to have it as a garden party. I have old stocks left from last summer that will be sold off at bargain prices, so I shall let you know when I have sorted a date.

But for now I will have to return to my imagination and doodle away on the sewing machine.

Sally x

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