Monday, June 14, 2010

My last craft fair?

Happy Birthday to my auntie Fran! :-)

Busy day yesterday at the craft fair at The Mill Race, Walford – bit of a disappointing event, but Andy and I were kept on our toes trying to stop all my products blowing away in the wind. My friend Becky came to join us and it was lovely to see her. Might be my last craft fair for a while though, as they never quite seem worth the effort – I have sworn now to only attend shows that come with a personal recommendation – so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Here’s a couple of pics of the stand –

I learn a lot at these shows though, and we decided on some new areas to focus on – I have been thinking about streamlining for while, and this decided it for me. So watch this space – I may have a big sale very soon!

Catching up on admin today, and writing to suppliers and galleries – if you know any shops or galleries that might like to sell or show my work please get in touch.


Sally x

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