Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm back!

Well it’s been a while, I do apologise, but it’s been a busy old time!

The exhibition at The Fold is over, and received a lot of acclaim, so I was very happy with that. It’s a lovely place and I hope to be able to work with them again in the future. Next on my agenda is an exhibition in the craft cases at Number 8, an arts centre in Pershore, my home town. Just trying to sort out those pictures now, and I’m off to measure the spaces available this afternoon. I might add in a few accessories as well, so there is a bit more of a variety ofitems for sale. Pershore is famous (I guess!) for its plums, and the Plum Festival will be on for the duration of my exhibition, so I am currently working on a few plum pictures too! Not had a great amount of inspiration on that front, but hopefully something will evolve over the next few weeks!

Otherwise I have had a great few months – what with organising a Royal Wedding Street Party for the village, painting and planning on moving in to Andy’s flat (it’s a long process!), we had a sunny weekend in Polperro, my friends had their beautiful baby girl – Anya – who the owl mobile was made for, the Moto GP season has started (Silverstone this weekend!), ooh and I passed my CBT!

Me with baby Anya ~ Me and Andy in Polperro back in March

Nancy and I at the Street Party

I have some plans to update the website and hopefully expand into more shops and galleries. I am planning on becoming a bit more focussed on selling! There are big changes afoot for me - i am moving out and getting a 'studio' in my brother's old room - so i am hopeful for great things this year!

Fingers crossed this rain will disappear and we’ll have a great weekend at Silverstone (hmmmmm!)

Sally x

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