Tuesday, August 3, 2010

some home truths


I am having a bit of a rant today, as I am fed up of the internet in general at the moment! I have spent the last two weeks trying to better understand the world of blogging, facebook, social networking in relation to craftmakers, forums, etc, and I have gained basically no insight at all. I have decided that I am not built for 21st century technology and it will all have to progress without me. There is a reason, I have discovered, that I don’t have or want and iPod, let alone an iPhone – it’s just not me. And watching The Gadget Show last night just confirmed all this for me. Give me a scratchy old LP and a piece of paper any day! Sorry world.

So I loved creating my website, and I even enjoy writing these blogs, but I remain clueless about how to promote them and exploit the internet to its full potential. All advice gratefully received. Seriously!

I have, form this blog forward, stopped worrying about being up to the minute, being on trend and in season. I am returning to the routes of my dream to sell my embroidery: I like making things and sharing beautiful items with people. I’ll sew what I sew and hope people appreciate it for its true and inherent value. So that’s my foray into new media over and done with!

So I have been sitting in the sunshine in the garden enjoying my sewing, still working on those bracelets. And I am focussing on my embroidery to build up a collection to take to shops – I may dread the thought of actually having to sell face to face, but I fear if the internet can’t help me it must be done!

Love from Sally x

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